Loss of Eligibility or Withdrawal

An institution may be removed at any time by its SARA State Portal Entity for violation of, or noncompliance with, SARA policies. Visit the SARA Policy Manual for specific details in regard to all of these points.

  • At the time of annual renewal, the SARA State Portal Entity determines whether the institution continues to meet SARA requirements. If it does not, it may be removed.
  • An institution that does not renew its SARA participation agreement with its SARA State Portal Entity under the terms of the SARA Policy Manual, or pay its required annual SARA fees, is no longer eligible to participate in SARA and will be removed.

An institution that withdraws or loses its eligibility to participate in SARA:

  • May no longer enroll additional students under SARA provisions.
  • May continue to operate under SARA for currently enrolled students under certain conditions for no more than six months.
  • Must meet non-SARA state requirements where any students are located.
  • May reapply for SARA participation 180 days from removal when it can demonstrate compliance with SARA requirements.
  • Does not receive a fee refund from NC-SARA.


Institutions that lose their participation in SARA may appeal following that state’s appeal process. Additional specific information about withdrawal from or the loss of institutional eligibility to participate in SARA is detailed in the SARA Policy Manual, Section 3.8.