State Responsibilities

Upon joining SARA, member states accept numerous responsibilities.

  • Designate or establish an entity to do the SARA work of the state, with all necessary legal authority to do that work on behalf of the state.
  • Receive and evaluate applications from institutions located in the state that want to participate in SARA; approve participation of institutions that meet SARA requirements and deny participation of institutions that do not.
  • Annually approve or deny continued participation of institutions previously approved, based on their status in regard to SARA requirements.
  • Ultimately resolve complaints about the state‚Äôs SARA institutions prompted by their SARA-related activities in any SARA member state; report (by institution name) the number and resolution of such complaints to NC-SARA for publication on its website.
  • Work cooperatively with other SARA states, regional compacts and NC- SARA to enable success of the SARA initiative.

Full information about the responsibilities of SARA states is in the SARA Policy Manual, Section 2. 5.